About BHA

Home is Where the Heart Is

In addition to all the other essentials that must be integrated to make a community such as Lexington successful (i.e. schools, multiple industries and job opportunities, leading medical facilities and care, variety of church affiliations, and many civic/social organizations), HOUSING is one of the major elements in which a healthy, loving, caring and giving community is based.

The Lexington community and surrounding areas have enjoyed a stable to brisk housing market in the last 5 years. Lexington is proud of our past accomplishments and we are enthusiastic and optimistic about our future. Lexington has been fortunate to enjoy a continual cycle of new home buyers in conjunction with a steady supply of new homes on the market. Lexington makes home ownership a reality. Contact one of BHA’s Real Estate Professionals to answer any of your real estate questions, provide you with current market trends and up to date real estate information. Realtors work closely with all area lending institutions to keep you informed of current interest rates and financing options. The realtor is here to assist you in making your move an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

As quoted by Mary Pipher, Ph.D (currently residing in Lincoln, NE), and author of The Shelter of Each Other “There are three basic components to a good life — love, work and service to the community.” We in Lexington and at BHA are looking forward to a bright and exciting future. We are as proud of our community and enthusiasm in the past as we are committed to the perseverance of excellence in the future.

Again, as Pipher notes, “To have a real life, people must participate in real community”. THIS is Lexington, a REAL COMMUNITY, where people care about each other, help one another, and work and play together. Houses are just that …Houses. HOMES are made of PEOPLE. A home is where dreams, values, and futures begin.

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